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    Manipal Institute of Virology, Manipal


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DAVINCI is the first fully automated, high-throughput, continuous access microplate processor that uses primary tubes, and offers the flexibility of an open system. This flexibility is combined with the convenience of providing fully integrated processes. This open system offers the choice of using bioMérieux’s extensive range of microElisa tests or adding assays if required, thereby freeing blood banks from dependence on a single supplier.
Integrating the system into the laboratory workflow significantly reduces hands-on time by performing sampling, incubation, washing, reagent dispensing, shaking, and reading of up to 15 microplates at a time. The laboratory technician simply loads the sample tubes and reagents, presses the "start" button and can walk away to perform other tasks. DAVINCI is a high-throughput system (400 to 1,800 tests per day depending on the assay selection and combination), perfectly adapted to blood banks with intensive immunoassay analysis requirements. It features faster processing and turnaround time for a more efficient workflow without compromising the quality of results. The DAVINCI also provides blood bank laboratories with the high level of security they require, through dedicated and validated assay protocols, total in-process control and integrated verification tools for all essential functions.


Acquisition date02-02-16
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