''C'' scan/advance composites material Testing Lab

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    AB-2 Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal


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Ultrasound C-Scan (AUT) is a form of automated ultrasonic testing. It uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and record measurements of wall thickness. AUT can be used for internal detection of corrosion, lamination, and other planar flaws. The nondestructive inspection equipment by Physical Acoustics is a complete PC based ultrasonic flaw detection system used for detecting internal flaws or damage in materials. The system has a digitizer and a pulser receiver unit which comprises the electronic console. The system employs software for Immersion scanning of the sample. With this facility one can set the AUT parameters, digitizer settings, region of interest, motion parameters etc. The post processing of the data is collected using the acquisition software. Flaws are shown on a read-out, superimposed on a plan view of the test piece and both flaw size (flaw area) and position within the plan view can be recorded. Finally post processing of the image can be done where the user can more precisely analyze the acquired data, generate reports etc.


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