Device Set Sensor Technology AS - Interfacing

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    Sensorics: Academic block-1, 1st floor MIT, Manipal


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AS-Interface : AS-Interface enables fast and efficient connection of automation components. Its simplified control system, topologyfree optimized installation, and improved diagnostics capabilities provide a clear
increase in productivity.
Power supply : Every AS-Interface segment requires a power supply. These
include data decoupling for interference-free communication
on the AS-Interface secondary circuit.
Key features:
1. Complete solutions consisting of AS-Interface components and compatible
sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs
2.Simple mounting and operation: a flat cable for power and
data transfer
3.Maximum flexibility with topology-free, optimized installation
4. Reliable, error-free mounting with piercing technology
5. Established, manufacturer-independent system for investment security
6.Cost-effective connection to all I/O signals
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