Fire Bird V Mobile Robots

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    Microcontroller: Academic block-1, 1st floor MIT, Manipal


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Firebird V is a mobile robot used for object detection and guided path following.
Features of Firebird V:
1.Microcontroller: Atmel ATMEGA2560 as Master microcontroller, Atmel ATMEGA8 as Slave microcontroller

2.Sensors: Three white line sensors, Five Sharp GP2D12 IR range sensor (80cm), Eight analog IR proximity sensors (20cm), Eight analog directional light intensity sensors, Two position encoders (extendable to four), Battery voltage sensing, Current Sensing, Servo mounted sensor pod, Wireless colour camera, Ultrasound scanner, Gyroscope and Accelerometer, Magnetometer, GPS receiver

3.Indicators: 2 x 16 Characters LCD, Indicator LEDs, Buzzer

4.Control: Autonomous Control - PC as “Master” and Robot as “Slave” in wired or wireless mode, Distributed (multi robot) communication

5.Communication: Wireless ZigBee Communication (2.4GHZ), USB Communication, Wired RS232 (serial) communication, Simplex infrared communication (From infrared remote to robot)


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