i-CAT Cone beam 3-D Dental Imaging System

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    Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Room Number 1, Ground Floor, MCODS, Manipal


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The system is a cone beam volumetric tomography and panoramic x-ray device used for dental head and neck applications. This system consists of a scanner and computer work station which is suitable for an in-office environment.
The system captures data for 3-D skull reconstruction for the following procedures:
• Implants
• TM joints
• Reconstructed panoramics
• Reconstructed cephalometrics
• Airway/sinus
• Nerve canal
• PAN - Optional Conventional Digital Panoramic Feature.
This scanning device is an open design that allows patients to sit upright during a procedure. An electric powered seat is built into the device for proper patient positioning.
iCATVisionQ/iCATVision is a software package that scans (scan film using optical scanner or Direct Digital Capture using Solid State Sensor) and stores images produced by Imaging sciences International's (or other manufacturer's) Tomographic panoramic and cephalometric imaging machines. Additionally the software has the ability to import DICOM images from volumetric datasets for visualisation, analysis and reporting. The software allows the practitioner to perform surgical demonstrations for dental implant planning, cephalometric analysis, measurements and bone graft visualizations. the purpose of the software is to provide the doctor with the convenient method for visualization of these multiple imaging modalities, facilitates communications between multiple practitioners and to demonstrate treatment plan for the patient.


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