IRB 2600 ABB Robot

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    Robotics: Academic block-1, 1st floor , MIT, Manipal


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The IRB 2600 is an industrial robot from ABB Robotics. The robot design is optimized to make it superior for the targeted applications such as, material handling, dispensing, machining, assembly, spraying, packing and arc welding applications. The robot is equipped with the IRC5 controller, Flexpendant and robot control software, RobotWare. RobotWare supports every aspect of the robot system, such as motion control, development and execution of application programs, communication etc. The Flexpendant uses uses RAPID programming language and has a color touch screen and 3D joystick for programming IRB 2600.
Payload: 12 kg
Reach: 1.65 m
Number of axes: 6
Robot Height and weight: 1382mm and 272 kg
Position repeatability: 0.04 m
Path repeatability: 0.14 mm
Protection: Standard IP67
Mounting: Floor
Controller: IRC Single cabinet
Axis Rotations:
Axis 1:+180° to -180°
Axis 2 arm +155° to -95°
Axis 3: arm +75° to -180°
Axis 4: rotation +400° to -400° Max. rev: +251 to -251
Axis 5: band +120° to -120°
Axis 6: turn +400° to -400° Max. rev: + 274 to - 274
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