Laser Range Scanners, Depth sensing cameras, Axis Cameras.

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    Robotics: Academic block-1, 1st floor , MIT, Manipal


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The RPLIDAR A3 is a 360 degree 2D laser scanner (LIDAR) solution developed by SLAMTEC. It can take up to 16000 samples of laser ranging per second with high rotation speed. The technology breakouts the life limitation of traditional LIDAR system so as to work stably for a long time. The system can perform 2D 360-degree scan within a 25-meter range. The generated 2D point cloud data can be used in mapping, localization and object/environment modelling. RPLIDAR A3 has stable performance when detecting objects in long distance, objects in white or black alternatively and objects under direct sunlight, which is ideal for map building in the outdoor environment within a 25-meter ranging radius. Therefore, it can be widely applied in many consumer-oriented business scenarios. The LIDAR supports work under two modes alternatively: enhanced mode and outdoor mode. In the enhanced mode, it works with the maximum ranging radius and sampling rate to realize an optimistic mapping performance in the indoor environments. While in the outdoor mode, it works with a more reliable resistance to daylight interference, which prevents it from “blind” in outdoor environment. The typical scanning frequency of is 10Hz(600rpm), and the frequency can be freely adjusted within the 5-20Hz range according to the specific requirements.With the 10Hz scanning frequency, the sampling rate is 16kHz and the angular resolution is 0.225°.
The Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D435 is a stereo solution, offering quality depth for a variety of applications. It's wide field of view is perfect for applications such as robotics or augmented and virtual reality, where seeing as much of the scene as possible is vitally important. With a range up to 10m, this small form factor camera can be integrated into any solution. Features:
Operating Range (Min-Max)~.11m - 10m
Depth Resolution and FPS1280 X 720
Depth Field of View85.2 x 58
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