Spark V - 8bit Microcontroller based Mobile Robots

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Spark V robot is based on ATMEGA16A microcontroller.
Specifications: Microcontroller: ATMEL ATMEGA16A
Programming: Using Bootloader Utility from NEX Robotics via USB port (no need of separate programmer)

Sensors: Three white line sensors, Three IR proximity sensors, Three directional light intensity sensors 2 Position encoders with 12.97mm resolution, MaxBotix EZ series ultrasonic range sensors, Servo mounted Ultrasonic Range Sensor, Battery voltage sensing, TSOP1738 IR receiver for TV remote control.
Indicators: 2 x 16 Characters LCD, Indicator LEDs, Buzzer, Battery low indication
Locomotion: Two DC geared motors and caster wheel as support
Top Speed: 15 to 20cm / second depending on the motor type.
Operational Modes: Standalone (Autonomous Control), PC as master and robot as slave, Distributed (multi robot communication)
Communication: USB, XBee wireless module (ZigBee(IEEE 802.15.4) Robots to Robots and Robots to PCs, Wired RS232 (serial) communication at TTL level. Simplex infrared communication (From infrared remote to robot).
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