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    Department of Dental Materials, Third Floor, Center for Basic Sciences, Manipal - 576104, Karnataka, India


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Universal testing machine [Intron 3366] available at the department is mainly used for the mechanical characterization of materials. This machine with a load capacity of 10kN can be used for the measurement of compressive, tensile and flexural strength measurements. The machine can also be used to measure the shear and tensile bond strength measurement between the tooth and restorative materials or other similar materials. The instrument offers a wide range of loading rate with a load capacity that is sufficient to measure the mechanical properties of most materials used in dentistry and engineering. The instrument is attached to a computer and comes with a bluehill software which facilitates easy control of the testing conditions, such as loading rate, and the data during the testing is automatically recorded through the software. The software also permits calculation of various parameters during the mechanical testing. People from academia, R&D Institutions and Corporate companies can utilize the facility by paying nominal fee. The uses are requested to download requisition form from the link below and book a slot for testing. Link: https://manipal.edu/content/dam/manipal/mu/mcods-manipal/Documents/Instron%20Form.pdf


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