ZEIHM 8000 C- arm Image Intensifier

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This is undoubtedly the most extensively used appliance in Trauma surgeries such as management of fractures and dislocations of the upper and lower extremities, spine and pelvic fractures, ligament reconstructions around the joint, Joint replacement surgeries, bone and joint infections, deformity corrections, Implant removal procedures, etc. This simplistic, yet versatile appliance empower the Orthopaedic surgeons to plan and execute trauma surgeries efficiently. The ability to move the C-arm in multiple planes give the surgeons ability to make a thorough assessment about the bone to be operated, placement of the implant(s) and instruments to be used, understand the fracture geometry and assess the accuracy of the fracture/joint reduction. The user interface is minimalistic and self explanatory. The image capturing and patient data management is also hassle free. The lightweight monitor cart along with the C-arm has smooth maneuverability for positioning the appliance according surgeon's convenience.


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