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The progress in mobile communication and the internet of things facilitates multiple features. The trending technology demands wider bandwidth so that user experiences uninterruptedly. The wider bandwidth and the isolation are two key characteristics of modern device antennas. The design of an ultrawideband (UWB) and four-port MIMO antenna is presented in this study. The semicircular monopole patch is modified by including a guitar shape slot on a radiator and a half-circle slot in the lowered ground plane. The structural transformation affects the current path and enhances impedance matching, resulting in a broader bandwidth. The UWB monopole is replicated to construct a four-port multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) antenna. The separation between the interelement is less than the quarter wavelength. As a decoupling structure, the implicit mutual coupling in the MIMO elements is minimized by parasitic elements on the radiator and defected ground plane (DGS). A novel mesh-like structure embedded in radiating plane and DGS couples the current from an excited antenna and suppresses through the DGS correspondingly and improves the isolation. The overall geometry of the antenna is 45×45×1.6 mm3. The UWB MIMO has a measured impedance bandwidth of 113% between 4.5-16.4 GHz and greater than 20 dB of isolation throughout the bandwidth. Besides the mutual coupling reduction, radiation characteristics and all MIMO diversity parameters are studied. The performance of MIMO diversity characteristics is relatively good, with envelope correlation coefficient0.002, diversity gain.10, mean effective gain<-3 dB, total active reflection coefficient<-10dB, channel capacity loss <0.2 bps/Hz, and multiplexing efficiency<-0.5. The experimental and simulated findings are in line and make the projected design suitable for UWB MIMO applications.

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JournalIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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