A critical evaluation and comparison of antimicrobial prophylaxis in elective surgeries across three Hospitals

Yogesh Belagali, M. C. Alwar, Poornachandra Thejeswi, Sheetal D. Ullal, Vani Bhagwath, Shenoy K. Ashok, Mukta Chowta, Sahana D. Acharya

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Objectives: 1. To evaluate and compare the pattern and rationality of prophylactic antimicrobial therapy in elective surgeries. 2. To evaluate and compare the adherence of hospitals to the standard guidelines on prophylactic antimicrobial therapy. Methodology: A total of 150 patients each from a government hospital (group I), medical college teaching hospital (group II), and corporate hospital attached to the institution (group III) who had undergone elective, non-complicated surgery were included. The number & types of antimicrobials used along with duration were noted. Rationality was assessed on the basis of Kunin's criteria, ASHP guidelines & SIGN guidelines. Statistical analysis was done using appropriate tests. Results: Cephalosporins were the most commonly used antimicrobials in all three groups (52.6%,85.7% & 84.8% respectively) followed by nitroimidazoles. Antimicrobial prophylaxis was appropriate in only 14.1%, 23.3% & 32.9% cases in the three groups respectively (p<0.01).The most common problem was prolonged duration of administration in 50.3%,58% & 45% respectively. The implementation of prophylaxis with respect to regimen & duration was erroneous in 20.1%, 12.7% & 4.7% respectively (p<0.01). Conclusion: The rationality & regimen of antimicrobial prophylaxis was comparatively better in the corporate hospital followed by medical college hospital and the government hospital. The present study calls for an urgent review on rational use of antimicrobials for prophylaxis in all the 3 hospitals.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1073-1077
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 17-06-2013

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  • General Medicine
  • Clinical Biochemistry


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