A dual cloud based secure environmental parameter monitoring system: A WSN approach

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Advancement of technologies has made the presence of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) ubiquitous. The adequacy of WSNs to gather critical information has provided solution to applications in areas such as transport, health care systems, environment monitoring etc. However, due to the limitations of WSNs in terms of memory, computation and scalability, efficient management of WSN data to provide information services to users is a hindrance. In the midst of these issues the resources of cloud computing act as a remedy. But, once the data enters the cloud the owner has no control over it. This imposes a barrier on the confidentiality and integrity of the data being stored in the cloud. In this paper we propose secure sensor-cloud architecture by integrating two different clouds. In this architecture, the sink node outsources data into the cloud after performing the respective hash and the encryption operations. Since the encrypted data and the key required to perform this operation are stored in different databases, the path for a third party to obtain the sensitive information stored in the cloud is being blocked. As the IaaS resources, SaaS and PaaS environments of Cloud Computing are provided by two different cloud service providers (CSPs), both the CSPs will not have complete information of the architecture. This provides inherent security as data storage and data processing are done on different clouds. Therefore the proposed framework provides better services to the users.

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Event4th International Conference on Cloud Computing, CloudComp 2013 - Wuhan, China
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Conference4th International Conference on Cloud Computing, CloudComp 2013

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