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A compact planar simple configuration four band antenna for GNSS/WLAN/X-band operation is discussed in this article. The antenna comprise of a λ4 rectangular slot in the radiating part and a rectangular slot at the ground plane. The inclusions of these slots helps the proposed antenna in achieving better gain and impedance matching. The antenna has a miniature size of 0.21λ0×0.21λ0×0.008λ0 where λ0 is the free space wavelength at the lower operating frequency of 1.6 GHz. The antenna shows operating performance at 1.6 (GNSS)/5.7 (WLAN)/7.1/7.8 (X-band) with S11 < -10 dB criteria impedance bandwidth of about 6.28% (1.54-1.64 GHz)/4% (5.55-5.78 GHz)/4.7% (6.85-7.18 GHz)/3% (7.62-7.92 GHz), respectively. The antenna has stable radiation pattern and total gain of about 5.7/3.79/3.5/5.4 dB at the operating frequencies 1.6/5.7/7.1/7.8 GHz.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2279-2285
Number of pages7
JournalMaterials Today: Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 28-02-2020
Event2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology, ICAMEN 2020 - Pink City, India
Duration: 28-02-202029-02-2020

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