A smart vehicle antenna for defence and satellite communication

Manish Varun Yadav, Swati Varun Yadav, Sudeep Baudha, Ashish Chittora

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A smart vehicle antenna for defense and satellite communication is presented. Every military vehicle needs strong communication, and satellite communication is one of the best examples for communicating moving vehicles with the base sta¬tion. The smart vehicle antenna consists of GPS capable of locating their exact location. A smart vehicle requires good broadband speed for communication. These smart vehicle antennas help transmit or receive the electromagnetics wave directly with satellite communication, which provides good broadband speed to the military or intelligent vehicle. The designed antenna exhibits low return loss from 4.2 to 15 GHz. The vehicle antenna was constructed with an FR4 substrate, and a 50Q A-type connector feeds it. The optimum dimensions of the Smart vehi¬cle antenna are 14*16*1.6 cubic millimeters. The proposed structure has good stable polarization, and it has a high gain of up to 3.63 dBi. In any weather condi¬tion, the signal remains constant because of its high antenna efficiency (83%). The smart vehicle antenna is compact with use in broadband which includes mobile satellite communication (4/6 and 7/9 GHz), defense communication from 8-12 GHz (X-band), WiMAX-5.5 GHz, and WLAN-5.2/5.8GHz applications.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAutonomous Vehicles
Subtitle of host publicationSmart Vehicles for Communication
Number of pages14
ISBN (Electronic)9781394152636
ISBN (Print)9781394152254
Publication statusPublished - 30-11-2022

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