Accelerated Testing Based Lifetime Performance Evaluation of LEDs in LED Luminaire Systems

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LED luminaires have taken over other traditional lighting solutions in all possible lighting applications due to advances such as high lifetime, power efficiency, adaptability in size, shape, and different color generations. The reliability of the LED luminaire as a system was determined by the lifetime performance of the driver electronics. The advancements in power electronics led to more reliable components and products. The LED luminaire's reliability is determined by the light output and color appearance quality, and quantity. The importance of single LEDs performance in the LED luminaires is most recently realized and needs to be explored. The manuscript presents the analyses of the lumen output and Duv based life estimation, the variations in color appearance in terms of xy chromaticity, and spectral power distribution of two luminaires having same electrical and optical specifications employing different type of LEDs subjected to different accelerated operating conditions. The results identify the predominant failure indicators for lumen and color changes, and show that LED physics device packaging also play a significant role in the reliability study of an LED luminaire. The results of the manuscript are helpful for LED luminaire manufacturers to enhance the lifetime of LED luminaires by suitable moderation in the LED package design in terms of lumen output and color quality maintenance as per specific application requirements.

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JournalIEEE Access
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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