An Experimental Investigation on the Role of LEDs on the Lifetime Performance of Consumer LED Luminaires

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Solid-state lighting technology currently dominates illumination technologies, which have been growing throughout time. LEDs are a semiconductor-based illumination solution that is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and capable of meeting all application requirements for quantity of light, colour and spatial limitations. In all of the essential lighting applications, LED reliability and lifetime performance are critical. The LED luminaire's performance may decline over time, resulting in lower light output or different colours than the required colour characteristics. The importance of LED performances in LED luminaires as a system has only lately been realised. Different LEDs are used in two commercially available LED luminaires with exact electrical and optical specifications that are exposed to accelerated working conditions. The paper outlines a method for analysing and forecasting lifetime based on lumen maintenance for light output, Duv for colour-based quantification. The xy chromaticity, spectral power distribution, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersion spectroscopy analysis are used to detect the characteristics indicative of variations in LED light output performance with degradation. The findings imply that LED packaging and device physics are important factors in the LED luminaire's overall lifetime performance. The work gives consumers the opportunity to see specifics about luminosity and colour-based changes as a product data-sheet, making it easier for them to choose appropriate luminaires for their needs. It also aids LED and LED luminaire makers in making appropriate design and technological adjustments, resulting in improved LED performance that is long-lasting and consistent in colour stability.

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JournalIEEE Access
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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