Analysis of a flow process for variation of orifice dimensions with design of adaptive instrumentation

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Design of an instrumentation system for a flow measurement process using orifice as sensor is proposed in the present work. The objective of the proposed work is to analyze the behavior of orifice when its dimensions are varied, and propose a mechanism which will be able to produce accurate measurement even with those changes. Orifice being an element which is induced in the flow path whose flow rate is to be measured, undergoes a high level of shear stress, because of which there is always a possibility that the dimension would exhibit a change. Also, the wear and tear would be of high level, causing the replacement of orifice plate, and practically it is not possible to achieve a similar plate with 100% match in dimensions. These changes in dimensions will reflect in measurement errors. The proposed work tries to incorporate a calibration system which can adapt to the dynamics and will produce output independent of these changes in dynamics. For the design of calibration techniques, neural network algorithms are considered. The designed system is subjected to test and results show achievement in the proposed objective.

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