Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convection in Micropolar Fluids over a Permeable Shrinking Sheet with Slip Boundary Conditions

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The convective micropolar fluid flow over a permeable shrinking sheet in the presence of a heat source and thermal radiation with the magnetic field directed towards the sheet has been studied in this paper. The mathematical formulation considers the partial slip condition at the sheet, allowing a realistic representation of the fluid flow near the boundary. The governing equations for the flow, heat, and mass transfer are formulated using the conservation laws of mass, momentum, angular momentum, energy, and concentration. The resulting nonlinear partial differential equations are transformed into a system of ordinary differential equations using suitable similarity transformations. The numerical solutions are obtained using robust computational techniques to examine the influence of various parameters on the velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles. The impact of slip effects, micropolar fluid characteristics, and permeability parameters on the flow features and heat transfer rates are thoroughly analyzed. The findings of this investigation offer valuable insights into the behavior of micropolar fluids in free convection flows over permeable shrinking sheets with slip, providing a foundation for potential applications in various industrial and engineering processes. Key findings include the observation that the velocity profile overshoots for assisting flow with decreasing viscous force and rising magnetic effects as opposed to opposing flow. The thermal boundary layer thickness decreases due to buoyant force but shows increasing behavior with heat source parameters. The present result agrees with the earlier findings for specific parameter values in particular cases.

Original languageEnglish
Article number400
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 04-2024

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