Anomalous magnetism of Pr in PrCoAsO

Brajesh Tiwari, Anand Pal, V. P.S. Awana

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Detailed magnetization and magneto-transport measurements studies are carried out to unearth the anomalous magnetism of Pr in PrCoAsO compound. The studied PrCoAsO sample is single phase and crystallized in the tetragonal structure with space group P4/nmm in analogy of ZrCuSiAs type compounds. Detailed magnetization measurements showed that Co moments in PrCoAsO exhibit weakly itinerant ferromagnetic Co spins ordering at below 80 K with a small magnetic moments of ∼ 0.12 μB/f.u. High temperatures Curie-Weiss fit, resulted in effective paramagnetic moment μeff (exp) of 5.91 μB/f.u., which can be theoretically assigned to 3d Co (3.88 μB) and 4f Pr (3.58 μB). Further, a positive Curie-Weiss temperature (Θ) of 136 K is seen, indicating predominant ferromagnetic interactions in PrCoAsO. Detailed transport measurements showed that PrCoAsO exhibit metallic behavior and negative magneto-resistance below ferro-magnetically (FM) ordered state. Surprisingly, the situation of PrCoAsO is similar to non magnetic La containing LaCoAsO and strikingly different than that as reported for magnetic Nd, Sm and Gd i.e., (Nd/Sm/Gd)CoAsO. The magnetic behavior of PrCoAsO being closed to LaCoAsO and strikingly different to that of (Nd/Sm/Gd)CoAsO is unusual.

Original languageEnglish
Article number017120
JournalAIP Advances
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 01-2014

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