Anthropometric and histologic study of liver and kidney of foetuses and their correlation with gestational age

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Introduction: It is very important to accurately estimate the age of foetus for various medicolegal cases. This study is an attempt to establish a relationship between anthropometric measurements and histologic analysis of liver and kidney to identify gestational age of the foetus. Methods: The study was carried on 30 fetuses. Their anthropometric measurements were done using Vernier calipers. The data was statistically analyzed by computation to find out its normative value. Histologic analysis was done by preparing hematoxylin and eosin stained slides and looking under light microscope. The relationship between gestational age and data thus obtained was determined. Results: Size of liver and kidneys increased with every trimester. The kidney showed immature duct system and clustered glomeruli with lack of differentiation into cortex and medulla in first trimester. Tubular differentiation started in second trimester which finished in third trimester with formation of juxtaglomerular apparatus. Size of glomerulus was, however, maximum during second trimester, followed by first and third trimester. In liver, haemopoeisis was observed in first trimester which decreased with subsequent trimesters. Lobular differentiation increased with each trimester. However, full term liver did not have the classic lobular pattern. Size of sinusoids decreased with every trimester. Abundant fibrous tissue was observed around portal triad. Conclusion: There is a relationship between the gestational age and anthropometric measurements and histologic features of liver and kidney of the foetus. This will help in identifying foetal age as well as any congenital kidney and liver diseases.

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JournalMalaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences
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Publication statusPublished - 12-2020

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