Awareness about HIV/AIDS in selected pre university colleges in Moodbidri: A cross-sectional study

Sanam Jindal

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To determine and assess the level of awareness among students of a pre university college regarding HIV/AIDS. A cross-sectional survey of students aged 15-20 years from two colleges selected by convenient sampling method was conducted from August to September 2010 to assess the awareness of randomly selected students on HIV/AIDS. They were asked to fill a pre-tested structured questionnaire. The variables assessed were their knowledge of disease regarding etiology, mode of transmission and prevention. A total of 300 students participated, with 43% students from rural areas, 29% students from urban areas and rest 28% from other places. 91% of the students knew about what AIDS is, and it is transmitted by having sexual intercourse with an infected person. 81% knew that receiving blood from unapproved blood banks can contract AIDS and also knew that children borne to the infected mothers are at risk of developing AIDS. 64% of student knew that AIDS is more among the IV drug abusers and thought that HIV can spread through contact. Only 27% students were aware of the specific blood tests done to diagnose AIDS and thought that AIDS is curable. Most of them were aware of HIV/AIDS. More than half were aware of most common modes of transmission of AIDS. Statistical association was proved between age of students and awareness of AIDS.

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JournalAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
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Publication statusPublished - 01-03-2013
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