Breast feeding practices-an exploratory survey among mothers of infants

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Introduction: Knowledge of breastfeeding is essential for every mother to ensure proper nutrition to their infants. In order to explore the feeding practices of mothers a survey was undertaken. The objective of the study was to find the breastfeeding practices of infants among the mothers attending a selected tertiary care unit of Udupi district. Method: Research approach used for this study was quantitative survey with exploratory survey design. Hundred mothers selected using purposive sampling method were interviewed regarding the breastfeeding practices. The instruments used for the data collection were demographic proforma and a semi structured interview schedule. The setting of the study was a tertiary level hospital at Udupi District. This research protocol was approved by the Institutional ethical committee. Results: Mean age of the mothers were 28.5 years and mean birthweight of the children were 2.53 kgs. Majority of the mothers delivered by caesarean section (63%). Only 46% of the mothers received information regarding breastfeeding before the delivery and health professionals were the main source of information to the mothers. Lactation counselling in the antenatal and postnatal areas carried out regularly by the health professional helped the mothers to receive the information form health professionals. Study showed that 65% of the mothers gave colostrum to their children. Only 33% of the mothers initiated breastfeeding within one hour of delivery. Conclusion: Exclusive breastfeeding has advantage for the mother and the child. Lactation counselling by the health professional will help the mothers regarding breastfeeding. Continued support from the health professionals in postnatal period in the paediatric setting need to be reinforced. Mothers of infants need to be motivated for exclusive breastfeeding to their children.

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JournalIndian Journal of Public Health Research and Development
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 01-03-2019

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