Capacitance pressure sensor with S-type electrode for improved sensitivity

Santhosh KV, Swetha Rao

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This paper aims at designing a differential pressure sensor. The objective of the work is to design and fabricate the electrodes of a capacitive pressure sensor, so as to measure absolute and differential pressure accurately with improved sensitivity. In place of conventional parallel plate diaphragm, S-type electrodes are proposed in the present work. The work comprises of study of the proposed design in terms of a mathematical model, input-output behavior along with detailed analysis of pressure distribution pattern. Output capacitance obtained for changes in pressure is converted to voltage with the suitable signal conditioning circuit and data acquisition system to acquire the signal on to a PC. A neural network model is designed to compensate the nonlinearities present in the sensor output. Input-output characteristics of the designed sensor shows an improved response as compared with existing pressure sensors.

Original languageEnglish
JournalTransactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control
Publication statusPublished - 25-04-2021

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  • Instrumentation


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