Changing paradigms in anatomy teaching-learning during a pandemic: Modification of curricular delivery based on student perspectives

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Objectives: This study is designed to explore students' perception of major educational changes and challenges encountered during the pandemic, as well as the effectiveness of Anatomy online teaching. Feedback from the students will be utilized to reform the online sessions in Anatomy, and make them more engaging. Methods: This observational study includes 250 first-year undergraduate medical students attending online Anatomy classes during the pandemic. A semi-structured questionnaire was designed to seek student responses, including mode/hours of interaction, facilitating/hindering factors, and assessment in online teaching. The quantitative findings were expressed in percentages. The open-ended questions were subjected to qualitative analysis, and themes were identified. Results: The number of hours spent on online sessions per day showed an increase during the pandemic. Students most often interacted with peers (n=124) through social media (n = 97) to clarify queries. Students opted for both asynchronous (55%) and synchronous modes (45%) of learning. The qualitative analysis identified the following thematic categories: facilitating factors, hindering factors, and measures taken to overcome hindering factors in online learning. Conclusion: There should be a balance between synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods to provide a better learning pace. Incorporation of more self-directed learning strategies would motivate students to learn better. The study concludes that online teaching should be designed to keep student feedback in mind, and tailored to suit student learning needs.

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JournalJournal of Taibah University Medical Sciences
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Publication statusPublished - 06-2022

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