Community-acquired multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacterial infective endocarditis

Sowjanya Naha, Kushal Naha, Vasudev Acharya, H. Manjunath Hande, Ganapathiraman Vivek

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We describe two cases of bacterial endocarditis secondary to multidrug-resistant Gram-negative organisms. In both cases, the diagnosis was made in accordance with the modified Duke's criteria and confirmed by histopathological analysis. Furthermore, in both instances there were no identifiable sources of bacteraemia and no history of contact with hospital or other medical services prior to the onset of symptoms. The patients were managed in similar fashion with prolonged broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy and surgical intervention and made complete recoveries. These cases highlight Gram-negative organisms as potential agents for endocarditis, as well as expose the dissemination of such multidrug-resistant bacteria into the community. The application of an integrated medical and surgical approach and therapeutic dilemmas encountered in managing these cases are described.

Original languageEnglish
JournalBMJ Case Reports
Publication statusPublished - 05-08-2014

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