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The present study aimed to compare the picture quality and color accuracy of three cameras, namely, Point and shoot, DSLR and mobile cameras, and determine the most suitable camera for dental photography (intra-orally and for casts). A computer program, namely, NRM (No-Reference matrix BRISQUE), was used to evaluate the quality of the photos taken by three cameras. Further, color accuracy was determined by computation of total color difference (ΔE) by identifying the L∗a∗b∗ values. The ANOVA (Kruskal-Wallis) analysis was done to assess the difference in the quality of cast photos, and it showed a statistically significant difference (p < 0.05) between the cameras. The post hoc analysis showed the NRM value of Point and shoot (18.93 ± 2.04) better than the Mobile phone (20.59 ± 2.65). However, no statistically significant difference was obtained while assessing the picture quality of the intraoral photographs using One-Way ANOVA (Fisher's) (P = 0.05). Evaluation of total color difference (ΔE) showed fewer differences between the DSLR and the Point and shoot than the mobile camera. There was no statistically significant difference in ΔE value in the participant photographs. The L in the LAB values of both the cast and the participant photograph showed a similar result, with the mobile phone showing a lighter value than the other two cameras. The B value in the participant photos showed a significant difference between the mobile and the Point and shoot cameras. The quality of Point and shoot, DSLR, and mobile cameras were equally good for taking pictures of any external surface, but the mobile camera offered more brightness and appeared more yellow. On the other hand, the quality was similar for intraoral images with mobile and Point and shoot cameras, although color accuracy was better with Point and shoot and DSLR cameras.

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