Current State and Future Perspectives of Starch Derivatives and Their Blends as Antimicrobial Materials

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Antimicrobial resistance is increasingly recognized as a serious worldwide threat, jeopardizing medical progress, and the ability to treat infectious illness. Antimicrobial polymers have sparked the interest of researchers because of the increased demand for enhancing human health by lowering illness caused by different bacteria. Polysaccharides are ideal starting materials for the synthesis of antimicrobial polymers due to their bio renewability and broad availability. Starch is one such polysaccharide which has many advantages such as low-cost, nontoxicicity, and renewable sourcing and thus can be used for the synthesis of antimicrobial polymers. Here, the most recent research on starch-based antimicrobial polymers in the context of microbial infections is given in this article. The possibility of employing starch based films to alleviate environmental waste and prevent food spoiling is discussed in this paper. The goal of this study is to show the barrier and mechanical properties of starch containing antimicrobial agents, as well as their antimicrobial activity, in order to improve product storability. This study aims to advance knowledge in this area and urges additional research into the synthesis of starch-based antibacterial materials.

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Article number2200001
Issue number9-10
Publication statusPublished - 09-2022

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