Introduction: Facilitation of child development is usually emphasized in the form of early intervention classes and practical demonstrations. However, non-adherence to home program for such interventions has been reported due to various reasons. Aim: To develop and validate an educational leaflet as a supplement guide for caregivers to promote better development of their child during 4-6 months of age. Materials and Methods: An in-depth literature review and focus group discussion with the experts was conducted to formulate the content of leaflet. Initial framework consisted of introduction, main text with pictorial representation and instructions about facilitation of various milestones, do’s-don’ts and disclaimer. Validation was done through a questionnaire consisting of 9 questions pertaining to completeness, understandability, legibility, clarity and utility of educational material for caregivers and a section for comments. Leaflet with enclosed questionnaire was distributed to 14 validators (2 neonatologists, 4 paediatricians and 8 physiotherapists), along with a covering letter stating the purpose and relevance of this educational material, and the importance of their participation in validation process. Scoring was done on 5 point Likert scale for each item in the material. Results: Responses from the 14 evaluators were collected and analysed. Item level content validity index (I-CVI) was calculated for individual items which ranged from 0.73 - 1. Scale level Content Validity Index (S-CVI) was calculated for complete nine items and it was found to be 0.91. Validators expressed their views to include a column on normal milestones across 4-6 months of age and also to highlight the significance of performing each activity mentioned in the leaflet. These suggestions were incorporated in consensus with the subject experts and the final draft was made. Conclusion: Educational leaflet for caregivers of 4-6 months preterm infants has been developed and validated. It can be provided as a supplement guide to the caregivers to facilitate better development of their child.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)YC01-YC04
JournalJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 01-07-2016

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