Diagnostic conundrum in an ambiguous posterior mandibular osseous lesion: Case report and radiological review

Premalatha Shetty, Jefferson Prince, Dharnappa Poojary, Poorna P., Pooja K. Suresh

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Introduction and importance: Non-odontogenic osseous lesions of the mandible are relatively uncommon entities compared to odontogenic lesions. Although the posterior mandible is not a usual site, it is not rare either for these osseous lesions, making the diagnosis ambiguous, and if misdiagnosed leading to different treatment protocols. Case presentation: A 43-year-old female presented with a hard tissue lesion of the posterior mandible, misdiagnosed as a sialolith of the submandibular salivary gland in two other centers due to overlapping of symptoms, anatomic complexity, and inadequate investigations. The lesion was later diagnosed to be an osteoma of the posterior mandible with added investigations, and surgically excised. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis. Clinical discussion: A variety of hard tissue lesions are known to occur in the posterior mandible like Submandibular sialolith, Osteomas, Calcified Submandibular lymph nodes, Phlebolith, and Tonsillolith. However, due to the region's structural complexity, localization of a hard tissue lesion may not always be forthright, even with radiographs. Moreover, in cases with conflicting symptoms, as was in this case there are more chances of misdiagnosis. The reasons for such diagnostic challenges are deliberated with radiological review of posterior mandibular osseous lesions. Recommendations are also suggested for proper investigations, thereby management of these posterior mandibular osseous lesions. Conclusion: Misdiagnosis of these posterior mandibular lesions may lead to the patient undergoing unnecessary surgical procedures as different lesions require different management. Differential diagnosis and adequate protocol for investigations are required.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108288
JournalInternational Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Publication statusPublished - 05-2023

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  • Surgery


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