Does e-marketing mix influence brand loyalty and popularity of e-commerce websites?

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E-commerce portals are increasing exponentially in terms of both business and data. Many organizations rely on their online websites to attract new customers, while still retaining their existing ones. E-commerce websites provide consumers with flexibility in terms of time, price, and space, during their purchases. The traditional marketing mix comprising of product, price, place and promotion (4Ps) identifies important factors in a purchase journey. In the online environment the concept of the marketing mix remains the same, except that the characteristics and functions of each factor are dynamic, suiting the online marketplace. The e-marketing mix, namely e-product, price intelligence (price sensitivity), delivery risk (place) and promotional intelligence, influences consumer buying-decisions in online markets. This research is an attempt to find the effect of the e-marketing mix on the loyalty and popularity of e-commerce sites. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire and was analyzed using a structural equation modeling-partial least squares method. The results showed that brand popularity was significantly influenced by the characteristics of the product and intelligent promotional techniques. Brand popularity had an influence on brand loyalty in an electronic marketing space.

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