Dynamic force modelling and experimental analysis of reaming

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The production Reaming process plays a vital role in several applications, ranging from automotive to medical sectors. It is performed to enlarge the pre-drilled hole to obtain its required diameter within the specified tolerance limits. The typical operational faults found in the reaming process significantly contribute to damage in the final hole quality. Thus, a dynamic force model is developed in the present work to predict the cutting forces developed during the reaming process. The inputs to the model are broadly classified into tool geometry and vibration system elements. The cutting forces acting in all three directions during the reaming are predicted. The double modulation principle is applied to develop the dynamic force model for computing the cutting forces in the reaming process. The dynamic force model thus developed and simulated using MATLAB® R2019b is examined and validated through actual experiments for no fault conditions. The results obtained infer a high degree of fitness between the values obtained from the developed mechanistic model and the experimental values with a prediction error of less than 5%.

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JournalEngineered Science
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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