Ectopic partial intrahepatic gall bladder with cholelithiasis--a rare anomaly.

S. W. Lobo, R. G. Menezes, S. Mamata, P. Baral, T. Kanchan, S. A. Hunnargi, A. V. Bodhe, N. B. Bhat

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The study was aimed to view the developmental anomalies of gall bladder (GB) in Nepalese cadavers. Forty GBs were studied for any anomalies during routine cadaveric dissection at the Department of Anatomy, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Nepal. The study found that the congenital anomalies of GB are very rare. Only one case of ectopic partial intrahepatic GB with cholelithiasis was observed, which to our knowledge is the first reported case in Nepal. Awareness of GB anomalies is important to surgeons, radiologists, and clinicians in general. An ectopic partial intrahepatic GB can make cholecystectomy hazardous, when indicated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)286-288
Number of pages3
JournalNepal Medical College journal : NMCJ
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 01-12-2007

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