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Objective: To compare the color stability of the newer glass ionomer cements (GIC) when exposed to “Green tea” (GT), “Tulsi tea” (TT), and “Areca tea” (AT) using spectrophotometric analysis. Materials and Methods: We selected commercially available GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA and Ketac Universal for this study. Eighty disc-shaped samples were made using a mold, which were immersed in the freshly prepared test solutions (distilled water, GT, TT, and AT) for 15 minutes per day for 60 days. The color estimation was done using a spectrophotometer. Results: GC Fuji IX samples had a significantly higher mean difference in ΔE value than Ketac Universal when immersed in GT, AT, and control (P<0.001, 0.018, and <0.001), respectively. With GC Fuji IX, GT and AT stained more than TT and control solutions. Samples of Ketac Universal showed a significantly higher mean difference in ΔE values when immersed in AT, followed by GT, TT, and control. Conclusion: Within the study’s limitations, we conclude that both the GICs exhibited staining over time on exposure to all the test solutions. Ketac Universal demonstrated lower staining potential than GIC Fuji IX GP Extra for GT and AT.

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JournalClinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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