Effectiveness of audio-visual and print media intervention on knowledge of cervical health among rural women in Southern India

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Background: Cervical cancer health education programmes are not accessible to rural women in developing countries. Objective: Our study aimed at assessing the health literacy about cervical cancer amongst the rural women in Udupi district, southern India, before and following intervention using audio-visual aid/face-to-face interactive sessions versus pamphlets alone. Methods: This was a quasi-experimental study. A total of 166 women participated in the study. Participant groups were allocated into two interventional (Experimental/Control) groups. Participants in the experimental group received education through the video followed by face-to-face interaction with a health educator while those in the control group received a pamphlet. A validated questionnaire was used to assess knowledge about numerous risk factors, Pap smear test and treatment of cervical cancer (pre- and post-intervention test). The findings are presented as frequencies and percentages. Paired responses were compared for individual questions using McNemar test and P < 0.05 was fixed as statistically significant. Results: Former to the intervention, 13.5% and 19.1% in the experimental and control groups, respectively, felt that personal hygiene was important to prevent cervical cancer. Both the groups had very limited knowledge regarding risk factors (93.6%; 94%), symptoms (96.3%; 97.6%) and knowledge that Pap smears can reduce the risk of cervical cancer (91.7%; 93.9%). The change in knowledge pre-and post-intervention in both groups increased significantly. Conclusion: Intervention with face-to-face interactive sessions showed a positive impact on knowledge regarding cervical cancer. These findings indicate both methods can be effective in providing health education in the community.

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JournalThe Nigerian postgraduate medical journal
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Publication statusPublished - 01-10-2020

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