Evidence-based practice: Knowledge, Attitudes, practice and perceived barriers among nurses in Oman

Ali A. Ammouri, Ahmad A. Raddaha, Preethy Dsouza, Renu Geethakrishnan, Judith A. Noronha, Arwa A. Obeidat, Lina Shakman

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Objectives: Te aim of this study was to describe nurses’ practices, attitudes, knowledge/skills and perceived barriers in relation to evidence-based practice (EBP) in Oman.

Methods: Tis descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted between February and November 2012. A self-reported 24-item questionnaire was used to measure EBP practices, attitudes and knowledge/skills among a convenience sample of 600 nurses working in four governmental hospitals in Muscat, Oman. Responses were scored on a one to seven rating scale. Barriers to EBP were measured on a five-point Likert scale using two subscales. Descriptive statistics and general linear regression were used to analyse the data.

Results: A total of 414 nurses were included in the study. Te greatest barriers to developing EBP among nurses were insufcient time for research (3.51 ± 0.97) and insufcient resources to change practices (3.64 ± 0.99). Nurses with more years of experience reported increased use of EBP (P <0.01), more positive attitudes towards EBP (P <0.001) and fewer barriers to research (P <0.01). Signifcant positive correlations were found between years of experience and practice (r = 0.16) and attitudes (r = 0.20). Nurses with a baccalaureate degree reported fewer barriers to research than those qualifed at a diploma level (P <0.001). Nurses who perceived more barriers to research reported less use of EBP (P <0.001), less positive attitudes towards EBP (P <0.001) and limited EBP knowledge/skills (P <0.001).

Conclusion: Tese fndings provide a basis for enhancing nursing practices, knowledge and skills. Continuing education for nurses and minimising barriers is crucial to increasing the use of EBP in Oman.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e537-e545
JournalSultan Qaboos University Medical Journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 01-11-2014

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