Fuzzy logic-based intelligent control system for active ankle foot orthosis

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The Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is an orthotic device intended to assist or to restore the movements of the ankle foot complex in the case of pathological gait. Active AFO consists of sensor, controller, and actuator. The controller used in the conventional AFO to control the actuator does not use the property of synchronization of the feet. This chapter deals with development of a fuzzy-based intelligent control unit for an AFO using property of symmetry in the foot movements. The control system developed in LabVIEW provides real-time control of the defective foot by continuously monitoring the gait patterns. The input signals for the control system are generated by the sensor system having gyroscope. DC motor is used as an actuator. The data acquisition for Gait Analysis is done using National Instrument's data acquisition system DAQ6221 interfaced with a gyro-sensor.

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