GERT index: A modified tooth mobility and treatment index

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Aim: Tooth mobility has always been a monumental factor in determining the prognosis of a tooth. There are no indices that link the etiology, grade of mobility, and radiographic appearance with treatment options for mobile teeth. This particular article aims to overcome the oversight and bring in a scoring system that incorporates all the above mentioned components. Materials and Methods: Previously existing index for tooth mobility has been modified (G Score) to make it more defined numerically and clinically, and it has been combined with indices for etiology (E Score) of tooth mobility and radiographic appearance (R Score) of mobile teeth. The Grading Etiology Radiographic appearance (GER) scores have then been allied with a combination of treatment methods (T Score) to get the Grading Etiology Radiographic appearance Treatment (GERT) index. Results: The index that results from this combination is one that encompasses the factors that determine the prognosis and treatment aspects of a mobile tooth. The index given in this article takes into consideration the components that contribute to the diagnosis of the etiology of tooth mobility such the clinical presentation and the radiographic appearance. The grade of mobility has been modified to allow for precise numerical assessment of mobility. Thus, the treatment plan proposed considers the basic cause for the mobility and the comprehensive treatment modality for the same. Conclusion: Although the index appears elaborate, once mastered, it would pave the way for a thorough treatment planning for mobile teeth and efficient execution of the treatment plan.

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JournalJournal of International Oral Health
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Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2018

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