Higher education perspectives for an exciting educational experience - Part VI: An Indian context

B. H.S. Thimmappa

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The special objective and scope of this paper is to highlight the different higher education perspectives to inspire confidence in students that will lead them to professionalism. Nurturing learners' curiosity is one of the most important ways to help them become a lifelong learner. Encouraging them with intellectually stimulating questions can actually help develop their thoughts, ideas and ideologies. Creating an interesting learning environment will guide them towards developing creative problem solving skills and higher education is an approach to maintain overall wellbeing of society. Application of an appropriate, positive attitude keeps professional work in proper perspective and it is a way to greater personal, social and business success. It is important to develop interesting high impact higher education to inspire, motivate, energize and empower the younger generation to bring about a remarkable change in various spheres to transform the society. The upgradation of specialized knowledge and skills of university teachers is required in finetuning their teaching skills to deliver lively, energetic and dynamic teaching. The most enduring impact of higher education depends on the extent to which this will lead to the unlocking of people's potential and raise their self-confidence to a higher level. It requires a collective effort in several sectors to create new awareness across the world that eventually leads to scientific, technological and economic progress. A centralized system to collect and analyze information about actual research conditions in various public and private organizations and then build scientific manpower and technically qualified human resources on those intricate details is essential to make significant contribution in their area of expertise. There is a need for decentralized decision making at higher educational institutions and universities without any political interference and following certain centralized norms to reignite the fire of higher education reforms. An insider's insights is needed for effective and comprehensive higher education policy making and implementing the globally established education practices will lead to strategic achievement.

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Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2016

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