Hybrid Beamforming in 5G NR Networks Using Multi User Massive MIMO at FR2 Frequency Bands

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The current Sub 6 GHz band is highly occupied and unable to meet the demands of future wireless data traffic. As the millimeter wave technology is a promising way of enhancing the performance of next-generation wireless networks, it is essential to explore FR2 frequency bands. Massive Multiple-Input Multiple Output (mMIMO) technology has been introduced to improve the capacity and coverage of 5G wireless networks. Hybrid beamforming (HB) is an efficient technique to improve the channel gain and minimize the interference at reasonable complexity. The aim of HB in mMIMO systems is to maximize the sum rate that can approach the fully-digital beamforming system performance. Combination of mMIMO systems, mmWave, and HB techniques achieve higher data rates and cell coverage in 5G wireless networks. It mitigates the hardware complexity, energy consumption, and cost as number of required radio-frequency chains at base station gets minimized. In this paper, we have investigated the performance of a multi user-mMIMO HB system at 28, 39 GHz of FR2 frequency bands as well as at 66 GHz by analyzing the effect of changing variables that include the number of users, transmitting and receiving antennas, and the type of modulation. Simulation results include RMS values of error vector magnitude (EVM) that gives quantitative analysis and receive constellation of the equalized symbols that shows qualitative analysis. EVM is computed for different scenarios and it is used as an indicator of performance to assess the suitable design configuration of mMIMO system.

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JournalWireless Personal Communications
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Publication statusPublished - 12-2022

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