Identification: Prints - Footprints

K. Krishan, T. Kanchan

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A footprint is an impressed representation of the morphological features of the weight-bearing areas of the plantar surface of the foot. Studies have shown that a footprint is unique to a person. Whenever the plantar surface of the foot comes in contact with surfaces such as a hard or muddy floor, snow, etc., it leaves an impression with various morphological and individual features. The plantar surface also leaves footprints on the insoles of footwear. Therefore, footprint evidence recovered from a crime scene can be important in linking an individual with a crime. This chapter explores various issues related to footprints, how they are recovered and collected from the scene of crime, their morphological and individual characteristics, various methods of analysis and examination of footprints, estimation of the biological profile of an individual from footprints by estimation of stature and sex, relationship of body weight and footprints, and dermatoglyphic features such as footprint ridge density.

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