Immediate effects of “Ujjayi Pranayama” on aerodynamic, acoustic and self perception parameters of voice in professional voice users

M. Usha, Jayashree S. Bhat, B. Radish Kumar, Gagan Bajaj, P. Poovitha Shruthi

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Background: Voice plays a major role in communication, and it reveals the speaker's physical and emotional health, personality, and identity. Professional voice users are dependent on their voice for their livelihood. A minimal change or deviation in their voice can interfere with their career. Since respiration is the source for voice production, good lung capacity and the inspiratory-expiratory ratio are very important in maintaining a good voice quality. Ujjayi Pranayama, an effective breathing technique is targeted in this study. Objective: To investigate the immediate effects of Ujjayi pranayama on acoustic, aerodynamic and self-perception parameters of voice in professional voice users. Method: Twenty normophonic female teachers performed this breathing technique taught by yoga professional. Parameters of aerodynamic, acoustic, and self-perception were analyzed at pre and post-practice. Results: Significant differences in the acoustic variables including intensity and jitter were observed. Aerodynamic parameters have shown significant improvements in the variables including Maximum phonation Duration (MPD), Estimated Subglottal Pressure (ESGP), Laryngeal Conductance (LAC), Laryngeal Resistance (LAR) and Sound Pressure Level (SPL). Among the study participants, 80% have rated the Ujjayi pranayama as useful in prepping their voice for the vocal loading tasks. Conclusion: In view of the better objective evidence and significant improvements in the study variables including the participant's self-perception, authors suggest that Ujjayi pranayama can also be used in voice rehabilitation as a vocal warm-up exercise.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100490
JournalJournal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2022

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  • Drug Discovery
  • Complementary and alternative medicine


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