Impact of sociolinguistics on integrated communication management

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India is a huge market for any product demographically, that is, in terms of size, the population base and the diversity in economic status of its people. But the diversity in sociolinguistics emerges as a problem for any communication regarding a product or an organization. Sociolinguistics is an examination of social and cultural influences on language behaviour. This emerges from the idea that communication is culture-bound. India prouds of having 18 developed languages and hundreds of dialects that are linguistically legitimate. But the existence of these many languages, representative of as many cultures, at times leads to confusions and communication mishaps. Communication is an everyday challenge for an organization while dealing with its diverse work force, wide customer base, and other publics that have direct or indirect bearing on them. Integrated communication management that looks into the amalgamation of manifold communication processes such as, advertising, publicity, promotion and public relations, requires considerable knowledge of sociolinguistics. The present paper considers sociolinguistic issues and various factors within it like the cultural subtleties, cultural stereotypes, cultural identity and cultural apprehensions and their implications on advertising, publicity, promotion and public relations or integrated communication management in general.
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Title of host publicationImpact of sociolinguistics on integrated communication management
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Publication statusPublished - 2007


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