Implementation of task based learning for overall development of pharmacy students

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The study was conducted with an intention to evaluate student's ability to effectively use their positive strength, technical knowledge and to come out with innovative ideas. Students of Second year B. Pharm Class were grouped into different batches (5 students each) and were assigned the task of preparing a poster of the experiment specified for the day's practical class. A validated questionnaire based evaluation was done to find the student's perception about task based learning process. 93% of students found that the activity made the subject interesting and 69% responded that it helped to plan their activities well in advance. Internet was the major source of information (93%) as compared to text books & journals (3%) and medical shops (4%). 91% students agreed that this learning process helped in their skill utilization, skill development and motivated them to come out with innovative ideas. 94% students expressed that it improved their subject knowledge and presentation skills and thereby reduced their stage fear (91%) and developed their self-confidence (87%). Subsequently each group was able to work as a team (78%). 62% students revealed that activity did not affect their regular lab work and 72% expressed that activity made them to come to lab early. Based on the validated supporting data, it is concluded that TBL is very effective and useful tool to develop students and helps to outperform with respect to multi skilling activities and hence we recommend that this tool can be incorporated in pharmacy curriculum to make teaching-learning more effective.

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JournalResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
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Publication statusPublished - 02-2012

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