Investigation of fatigue behaviour of traction gear box gears

Deepak Malgar, N. G S Udupa, Nitin Venkatram

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Fatigue behaviour of traction gear box gears there are several kinds of stresses present in loaded and rotating gear teeth. Bending stress fatigue calculation is the basic of stress analysis. It is difficult to get correct answer on gear tooth stress by implying fundamental stress equation, such as Lewis formula for bending stress. The detailed gear stressing is the key of this paper. The design of an effective and reliable gearing system is include its ability to with stand (Root Bending Stress) and Various research methods such as Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental have been done throughout the years. We primarily prefer Theoretical and Numerical methods because Experimental testing can be expensive. So many researchers have utilized FEM to predict RBS and SCS. In this study we use a 3D model of gear and finite element analysis to conduct RBS calculation for mating traction spur gears for different root radius and pair of traction spur gear without tooth modification and transmission error is define in a cad and FEA is done by using finite element software ANSYS. Obtained FEA results is comparable with theoretical and AGMA standard and fatigue life. It is found that Lewis formula equation is used for quick bending stress calculation for gear, where as the AGMA standards and FEM is used for detailed gear stress calculation for a pair of life prediction. A gearbox consists of a set of gears, shafts and bearings that are mounted in an enclosed lubricated housing. They are available in a broad range of sizes, capacities and speed ratios.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNational Conference on Challenges in Research and Technology in the Coming Decades, CRT 2013
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology
Edition648 CP
ISBN (Print)9781849198684
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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