Lésion d'Antopol-Goldman (Antopol-Goldman lesion): Spontaneous renal pelvic subepithelial hematoma

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Lésion d'Antopol-Goldman (Antopol-Goldman lesion) is a rare condition characterized by renal pelvic subepithelial hematoma simulating a neoplastic process. A 71-year-old lady presented with macroscopic hematuria and hypoenhancing mass lesion at the upper pole of left kidney. The patient underwent a radical nephrectomy for suspected renal cell carcinoma. Macroscopically a 3.5cm circumscribed hemorrhagic mass lesion was noted flush with the upper pole pelvicalyceal system. Microscopic examination revealed a pelvic subepithelial (suburothelial) organizing hematoma. Extensive sampling did not reveal any neoplastic etiology. The adjacent renal parenchyma and renal vessels were unremarkable. Antopol-Goldman lesion is a diagnostic quagmire, often culminating in unnecessary nephrectomy. This is a rare entity, and clinical awareness as a differential of renal filling defect can preclude a nephrectomy, we hereby discuss its clinico-pathological and treatment implications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)173-175
Number of pages3
JournalIndian journal of pathology & microbiology
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Publication statusPublished - 26-01-2022

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