Markov chains and rough sets

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In this paper, we present a link between markov chains and rough sets. A rough approximation framework (RAF) gives a set of approximations for a subset of universe. Rough approximations using a collection of reference points gives rise to a RAF. We use the concept of markov chains and introduce the notion of a Markov rough approximation framework (MRAF), wherein a probability distribution function is obtained corresponding to a set of rough approximations. MRAF supplements well-known multi-attribute decision-making methods like TOPSIS and VIKOR in choosing initial weights for the decision criteria. Further, MRAF creates a natural route for deeper analysis of data which is very useful when the values of the ranked alternatives are close to each other. We give an extension to Pawlak’s decision algorithm and illustrate the idea of MRAF with explicit example from telecommunication networks.

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JournalSoft Computing
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Publication statusPublished - 01-08-2019

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