Measurement of junction temperature of light-emitting diodes in a luminaire

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There are vast numbers of light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires to choose from, but not all LED luminaires perform reliably. More than half of the input electrical power to a LED luminaire is wasted in the form of heat. Heat management is the one of the most critical issues faced by LED luminaire designers. The long term reliability of a LED luminaire is mainly dependent on the junction temperature of the LEDs. Hence, accurate junction temperature information during luminaire operation is critical for monitoring and assessing the health of the luminaire. In practice, it is extremely difficult to measure the junction temperature of LEDs in modern day luminaires. With the optical system and heat sink surrounding the tiny LED, measurement of junction temperature with direct methods like infrared cameras and thermocouples becomes more complex. This paper explores the possibility of monitoring and measuring the junction temperature of LEDs in a luminaire by making use of the strong correlation between the forward voltage drop at the LED junction and the temperature of that junction. Results of thermal investigations of a LED downlight are presented. The results suggest that the inherent forward voltage/ junction temperature dependency of LEDs can be used to measure and monitor LED junction temperature in a luminaire under operational conditions.

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JournalLighting Research and Technology
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Publication statusPublished - 28-08-2015

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