Median frontal sutures - incidence, morphology and their surgical, radiological importance

B. V. Murlimanju, Latha V. Prabhu, Mangala M. Pai, Avlyn Anisha Goveas, K. V.N. Dhananjaya, M. S. Somesh

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Aim: To determine the incidence of metopic suture in Indian human adult skulls and to study their morphology. Material and Methods: The study included 81 human adult dry skulls which were obtained from the neuroanatomy laboratory of our institution. The skulls were macroscopically inspected at the norma frontalis for the presence of the metopic suture and the sutures were morphologically analyzed. The sutures were classified as complete and incomplete types. The incomplete ones included linear type, 'V' shape and double type. Results: From our observations, the metopic suture was present in 52 (64.1%) cases. The complete metopic suture was seen in only 1 skull (1.2%). The majority of the metopics were of incomplete type, 51 (62.9%). Among the incomplete ones, 18 (22.2%) were linear, 17 (21%) were 'V' shaped and 16 were double metopics (19.7%). No metopic sutures were associated with the Wormian bones. Conclusion: The morphological knowledge of the metopic suture is important for the radiologists and neurosurgeons in day to day practice. While reading the X-ray /CT and MRI films, the possibility of the metopic suture should be kept in mind. This will prevent confusion and a wrong diagnosis in emergency situations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)489-493
Number of pages5
JournalTurkish Neurosurgery
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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