Medical students’ perception on ethics and communication module: How to deal with death?

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Background: For the overall development of medical professionals, the affective domain compromising attitude, communication, and ethics needs to be taught. Hence, the aim was to analyze the perception of the students regarding the ethics and communication module “How to deal with Death?” Materials and Methods: A study was conducted on 81 undergraduate students of the 9th semester who attended the module. They were told to fill the questionnaire based on Likert scale regarding the module after the module was over. Later, the results were analyzed. Results: More than half of the respondents felt that role-play was the best method of teaching this module. This module had a positive impact on more than 90% of the students. More than 90% felt that empathy and compassion are required while dealing with death. Half of the students felt that empathy and compassion while dealing with death can be taught to medical students. More than 80% felt that this module helps them in developing patient-centered care. More than 75% felt that such modules help them to become good doctors. More than 95% of the students felt that medical students should know about euthanasia and end-of-life issues. Conclusion: Students feel that such a module on ethics and communication should be taught in their regular MBBS curriculum.

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JournalJMS - Journal of Medical Society
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Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2022

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